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Serialization Serialization is an increasingly important way to protect patient safety and ensure product integrity by minimizing the risk of counterfeiting. Because serialization regulations will vary from country to country, pharmaceutical companies face unprecedented complexity, cost, and risk in how they implement strategies in different parts of the world.


Patient Safety

Inventory Management and Returns Processing

Efficient Product Recall Regulatory Requirements

Pharmaceutical companies and governments are battling the ever-growing threat of counterfeit drugs—compounded by complexities related to product authentication and regulatory requirements. Serialization holds the key to visibility and full traceability within the supply chain.

Authentik Serialization solution addresses challenges at the shop floor and plant levels, connects to the enterprise level and beyond. We help companies to accurately record, track and manage data as the product moves from manufacturer to distributor to the dispensing point.

Supply Chain Automation

The companies often struggle with a myriad of complex supply chain issues that result in compromised products and lost revenue. Authentik allow the management to review sales statistics and business intelligence in addition to track & trace


According to estimates Pharmaceutical industry face an uphill task with 40% counterfeit medicines. Similarly other FMCG companies also have a high counterfeit rates for their popular brands. Authentik is a simple, cost-effective solution that can track & verify the products as they move.

Brand Protection

Authentik provides a simple tool for product verification. Authentic Mobile App is designed to empower the Consumer to instantly authenticate their product. Through this process, we can protect usage of counterfeit products, protect brand credibility and increase customer loyalty. The authentication process is extremely easy and gives instant verification. Upon scanning the product through 2D Data matrix on the Authentik Mobile App and the consumer will be able to verify their product.

GS1 Track & Trace Implementation

GS1 Track & Trace has primarily been concerned with the pharmaceutical industry, and our solutions are built and programmed to ensure complete compliance with global pharmaceutical standards, including the DRAP Compliant ( S.R.O 407 (1) 2017 ) requirements, the FDA's Drug Supply Chain Security Act, and other regulations.

How it works

Authentik mobile application will work on both Androide and IOS and provide the information as per DRAP guidelines, wich will eventually empower the consumers to identify the product they are buying